Life Lessons
I have a white board at home where I drew a graphic picture that says, “The Great Adventure- Life” (pic is above). Often times I think of life as being a vacation. I think that it should always be sunny. It should always be happy. And it should always be easy. I get very disappointed when my life is not sunny, happy, and easy!
In a recent session, I channeled the following information:
“Each time that we reincarnate, we come here with a specific purpose. The purpose is to learn and grow. If we do not learn a certain lesson within a lifetime we will carry that lesson to be learned with us into the next lifetime. “
How can I learn what my lesson for this life is?
Look deep within your soul. Ask God and your team of Spirits to reveal what your life lesson is. Make time to listen to the spirits. Write down any information you think might be coming from the spirits.
Finding your life’s purpose is a process, a journey. Life is not a vacation. It’s an adventure!- one where you learn, you grow, you evolve! With every adventure there are pitfalls, avalanches, and hurdles to overcome along the way. But there are also moments of glory, moments upon the mountaintop where you peer down on what you’ve accomplished! Moments of peace along the ocean’s shoreline! Moments where you feel as one with your mind, body, and spirit!