Your Personal Cheer Squad

When I deliver messages I often say, “They say… such and such.” I am often asked by clients who “They” are. The collective “They” I am referring to are my client’s posse of spirits who are nudging them along, helping them in life. There are three main identities that I always feel; There are the spirits, angels, and God. But for now I will focus on the Spirits.

Imagine all your passed loved ones hanging around on a wide front porch sitting in rocking chairs. There’s crazy Aunt Heidi, sweet Grandma Jane, silly Uncle Joe, your old dog Pooch. Your Great Grandma Ida you never met is there and brought her best friend Emma to join. Some other spirits who know and love you are there too, but you do not know them. They all are hanging around watching your life, like watching a television show. You have your own cheerleading squad above you that you do not even know exists!! This is one of the most exciting and monumental pieces of my work- knowing that YOU are not alone! You always have a multitude of teammates cheering for you at any given moment!

Your Intuition

At times your gang of Spirits see trouble coming, so they send you signs via your intuition such as, “Don’t go down the dark alleyway,” or “Sit over here at the café, not over there.” At times they guide you into instances which you interpret as an astonishing coincidence.

Waitress at the Diner

When I receive messages from a group of spirits I refer to them as “they”, as there are so many of them that I cannot identify who is there specifically and who is speaking. At times one person wants to speak on their own. It might be that the group chooses one person to speak or that they give me messages as a group. For instance, there is waitress at my favorite hole in the wall diner whose father kept trying to come through every time I would come into the restaurant. I did not know who was bothering me to come through at the time, but every time she would come up to our table, my vision would blur out, my head would feel light and dizzy, and I could feel that one spirit was desperately trying to communicate. Because I did not feel comfortable telling her that I am a medium, it took four different occasions of this happening before I finally gave in to the spirit and agreed to tell the waitress about myself and to deliver the messages.

I kept hearing the name Elizabeth*, although I knew the spirit communicating was male. I told the waitress that there was a death, and that she (the waitress) feels a huge amount of guilt around this death which she does not need to keep carrying around. The spirit wants her to drop that guilt and to forgive herself. The waitress sat down at my booth and started crying. She said that it was her grandfather, who raised her as a father. She was not there when he died as she was 200 miles away taking care of her baby. She could not be there for him in his final days, and she felt so guilty for not even being able to attend his funeral. After our conversation, she told me that she did not know who Elizabeth was and that she does not know anyone who has passed away by that name. The next time I came to the restaurant she sat down at my booth again with a big grin and told me that when she left that day she was driving home when all the sudden it hit her that her grandfather’s mother was named Elizabeth. Her great grandmother was there at the diner too and wanted the waitress to know that she was present as well.

The waitress later told me that she is filled with a greater since of peace since I gave her the messages. Spirits often come through to offer us peace!

*The name has been changed to protect the client.

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