Last month I felt hopeless. Life was so overwhelming. There were so many wonderful things happening in the midst of so much stress. And I couldn’t seem to soak in the good stuff because I was so caught up in the things that hurt. So I turned to Spirit for insight about hope
Me: What is HOPE?
Spirit: Hope is seeing past the current moment.
Me: Hmm. Interesting.
Spirit: Compare this time to a bee sting. It HURTS. It will be sore for a while. But itwill get better. The pain will subside. Hope is seeing past the sting.
The Silver Lining
It is now a month later, and like a bee sting, the pain from the past months has subsided. Friends have been coming out of the woodwork offering me kind words of support. There has been an upturn in every single aspect of my life
I realize my hopelessness and pain is allowing me to truly enjoy and feel gratitude for how good life is right now.

So I ask you, where are you in your journey? Are you enduring a bee sting? Or are you enjoying gratitude?