“ The sessions that I had with Rachel have been amazing and life changing. ”

Intuitive Listening Training with Rachel Hope

Intuitive Trainings

Rachel Hope currently leads two main trainings which help students open to the wisdom of their own intuition through the practice of meditation, journaling, movement, group meetings, and private mentoring sessions. Specific dates are listed in Events.

Rachel also offers occasional specialty workshops, talks, and events. If you would like to schedule Rachel Hope to lead a talk or workshop, please email her directly at [email protected]

Intuitive Listening Level 1

In this intensive course of study, you will learn techniques to quiet your mind, opening space to allow for Spirit to communicate with you. This training is based on the 7 Steps of Intuitive Listening developed by Rachel Hope. Everyone “hears” Spirit in different ways. You could receive visions, hear messages, have a gut feeling, feel physical sensations, and more. Discover your unique style of listening. This training is designed for you to learn how to access the spiritual realm and practice doing so. You will have the direct support of Rachel Hope and a group of like-minded individuals. If you feel called to attend this training, please email at [email protected]

Intuitive Listening Training Level 2 Rachel Hope

Intuitive Listening Level 2

Level 2 training builds on the learnings and skills developed from Level 1 and delves deep into matters of the Soul. The power of intention, soul purpose, past lives and many more topics are covered. Level 2 is a call to action, a call to the heart.