Recently I was overcome with a huge FEAR. I feared that a specific person that I love would pass away. I cried. I let the tears roll down my face. I sobbed out all my grief. Then I came to a place of clarity.
As far as I know my dear loved one, who I will call A*, is in no danger of dying and is in good health. But my fear of loss was so imminent that it brought me to tears.
I decided to have a talk with A’s Higher Spirit. And I opened up to Spirit for help too– which honestly was mostly just me talking.
me to A: I really don’t want you to die. But I also do not want you to suffer and not be healthy. If you want to be here (on Earth), I will be at peace with that. If you decide to pass to the other side, I will respect your decision and be at peace with that too.
me to Spirit: I TRUST you. I know that there is a higher plan that I cannot understand.
Spirit: Are you sure you TRUST me? When you TRUST fully, your FEAR will diminish because in your Heart you will know that the will of the Divine is being done.
Fear and Trust go hand-in-hand.
My fear was so strong because I wanted what I wanted, not what was the will of A and the divine plan from above. When I let my trust take the lead, my fear rolled away. I was filled with a true sense of peace.
What in life are you ready to hand over to Spirit? What fears in your life are you ready to let diminish?
*If you are reading this and your name starts with A, don’t worry. This post is not about You!

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