Private Session

Rachel Hope offers one-on-one private sessions for those who wish to gain insight and direction from their team of Spirits. During your Private Session you will have full access to receiving messages directly through Rachel. You can find out what is important in your life right now. Experience the peace that comes from knowing you are loved and are being watched over from the spirit world.


45-minute sessions are $240. Inquire for sliding scale.

What is an Intuitive Session?

During a session I open myself to receive information that serves in your highest and greatest good. I am a channel. I give the spirit world permission to use me as a vessel to deliver messages to you that will serve in your personal growth and healing.

What should I expect during a session?

You can expect me to open the session by asking your spirits to come through for you and to share with me anything and everything that serves in your highest and greatest good at this time. Then we wait. I could start talking immediately or it could take a few minutes for your spirit guides to start communicating. You will want to take notes and audio record the session.

Why would I do a session?

Sessions are designed to solely aid you on your journey to becoming a better, more whole person. These sessions are intentioned to equip you with the things that you need to know right now in your life.

What types of things typically come through during a session?

Each and every session is different, believe it or not! I never know what to expect because the needs of every person vary depending on where that person is in their life and depending on what that person needs to hear from the other side. That said, every single time I do a session I channel messages from your team of spirits and spirit guides. I often see visions, hear messages, and go into a trance-like state where I allow certain spirits to “embody” from the neck up.

How is this different than going to a psychic?

The term psychic has many different definitions. To me, a psychic is someone who sees your future. I do not do this. I can see a “snapshot” of your future if you continue down the path you are on. However, if you make changes to your current path, then what I see will change. I only open to future information that is in your highest and greatest good. These sessions are about healing and growth.

How can I make sure I get what I want in my session?

It is not possible during a session to get what you want. Like the song says, “You can’t always get what you want. You get what you need.” I cannot promise any certain loved one will come through. I cannot promise that Spirit will answer the questions the way you want. Sometimes very detailed information comes through, sometimes the information is more general and seems vague. Also, every session is different, so you may not hear from the same Spirits twice.

Speaking Engagements

Rachel Hope LIVE channeling events can be arranged by emailing directly.


Inquire for pricing for your LIVE channeling event.