Life After Death

I used to be terrified of death, but now I accept it as part of life. Before I started communicating with spirits who had passed over to the other side, I was so fearful of the unknown. I was scared because I truly did not know what to believe about what happens when a person dies. Before having my own personal experiences, I relied on my faith alone. My faith was waivering, and I was so unsure. Death at every turn had my stomach in knots, filled with fear. The reason that I feel at peace with death now is because I know that my soul does not die but rather just transitions out of my current body. Additionally, the other side is a great place to be!

I now know that when we pass out of our current bodies, we go to a place of peace. There is no turbulence, no time restriction, and no physical body to care for. We are also continually surrounded by loved ones. One spirit showed me a vision of what her life is like on the other side. She wanted me to share this with her widowed husband who was grieving her. She was in a pub surrounded by very close friends. They were laughing and talking. They were having a wonderful time. She wanted her husband to know that this is what it is like on the other side. It is not some place of limbo or a place of loneliness. It is a place where the soul is truly free and is not tied down. Secondly, when our souls pass, they do not go very far. They can pop in and out of our lives as much as they want. They can communicate with us freely. They can even make requests to help us on our paths. Therefore, when we physically die, we are still around loved ones on both sides. Our souls are permanant, death, however, is not. It is simply a passageway to another way of being.