Critics and Criticism
Dealing with criticism is part of being human, and since being a medium is not currently accepted completely in most societies, my work is often criticized. I deal with criticism by not talking openly about my gifts. Most people I am around do not know. It is not my job to force any belief down anyone’s throat, just as I enjoy my freedom of thought and belief. I am not worried about if people believe me or not. The truth is that the biggest person to convince that this was real was myself. It took me quite a long time to accept myself as I am. I still struggle with self acceptance about being so sensitive.
Authentic vs. Fake
It can be challenging to identify someone who is really a gifted psychic, medium, healer, etc. Because certain people claim to have these gifts but really do not, it makes finding someone who truly does have the gift difficult. Additionally, it gives those of us with some ability a bad reputation. Having the gift of mediumship is not like being a talented basketball player. Anyone can claim to be good at basketball, but watch one game, and you will be able to identify who can really dunk the ball and who cannot. Unfortunately this is not the case for mediums. If someone is a great observer and listener, they can often gather enough information to ‘create’ the results of a typical session. For this reason, I often ask new clients to not tell me anything at all. I prefer that they do not speak most of the session so I know that the information is pure and that I cannot be swayed.
Finding a legitimate Medium
When looking for a medium myself, I asked my Spirit guides and God to open that door for me. When the timing was right, that is exactly what happened.

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