Are you feeling stuck? Do you desire a change? Are you being called to “something bigger”- but maybe don’t know what that is?

Every person walks their own unique path in life. Each of us has come into being for a special reason. Somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost touch with why we are here. Our cultural norms have vastly divided us as a people and left many of us feeling alone and without direction. It is for this purpose that I present to you Four Directions Intuitive Healing & Life Transformation™. The purpose of this program is to help you identify areas of growth in your life and to present a follow-through plan to assure that your growth happens.

Your program begins with a Discovery Session with Rachel. She will sit with you to receive identify areas of growth and healing in your life. Themes to explore during the session are: trauma, current life purpose, current life healing, current life themes, current life soul planning, and current life agreements.

After your Discovery Session, Rachel will document a plan for you to follow for 6-8 weeks. You will work together with Rachel’s trusted team to follow through with your Life Transformation Plan™. Your plan will be unique to you. You might have weekly counseling with a trusted spiritual counselor. You might have energy sessions with a gifted energy worker. You will add intentional movement to your life. You might work with a life coach who will help you work toward your goals and hold you accountable.

Rachel’s team members all take a Mind, Body, Spirit, Nature approach to healing. They see healing as a multifaceted art, which spans as deep as the Soul. They look to Divine Spirit to be led to aid you in your deep personal healing. You have your own unique path, and only Spirit knows the keys to help you unlock the depths of your healing. If you feel called, please apply for the Four Directions Intuitive Healing & Life Transformation™ program. (Email [email protected] if interested in applying.)

Due to the individual nature of this program, every program will differ based on specific needs. Here is an example Life Transformation Plan.

Life Transformation Plan™ Lucille

Client Name: Lucille (fictitious name)
Findings from Discovery Session: Needs past life regression for healing. Needs to work on 3rd chakra, due to the volatile environment growing up (missing control). Needs to spend an hour in nature each day, without distraction (no phone, etc.). Is following her current life soul plan but needs to identify current life purpose by identifying her passions and interests (discuss with Dana). Needs daily meditation for assurance that she has the perfect amount of control in her life. Needs to reduce sugars in daily diet. (identify where & how she can reduce this during the session with Dana- plus follow-through plan)

Weekly Plan:

  • 7 weeks
  • Daily focused time in nature (20 minutes)
  • Daily journaling around present issues
  • 2x 5-minute daily morning and evening meditations for Control & Peace
  • Read chapters from Anodea Judith’s book “Eastern Body, Western Mind” regarding balancing the 3rd chakra
  • 2x 20 minute run per week
  • 7x 45 minute weekly Energy Session. Beginning focus on energy balancing. Release of past life trauma.
  • 1x Past Life Regression Hypnosis
  • 6x 55 minute Weekly Counseling sessions

– Example of Lucille’s Plan

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