You created a divine map for yourself before you came down into this body you chose. There are major milestones along the way that you have chosen to occur. Imagine them as big cities on a map, connected by many roads and paths. Each city represents a major life event. Examples of these events are moving to a certain city, meeting a specific person, having a child, experiencing the death of a loved one and many others. Divine timing is trusting in your plan, that what you need will come to you just when you need it.

To embrace divine timing is to live your life open to possibility. It is to move beyond the constraints you are creating in your mind and move to a place outside the box to exist. Practically speaking, it includes accepting where you are in your life and opening yourself to be divinely led through your natural ability to listen via your intuition. You will change from trying to control and plan your life according to what you want. You will open to vast possibility for the divine to plant in front of you that which you need. In this you will relinquish control and no longer feel responsible for the misery you have created. You will fall onto a pillow of faith knowing your needs are met and that you are divinely held. You will realize that there is a greater plan you might not see right now. Hope will be restored within you to know that what occurs in your life is molding and shaping you for a reason. You are following your own life plan that you may ever learn and grow.

Divine timing doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you planned for yourself before you incarnated.

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