2019 WAS A TOUGH YEAR!! Spirit told me that 2019 would be a year of CLEARING to prepare for 2020. And the FIRES of life did spread through my life! From a place of pain and desperation, I gathered all the courage to move from South Charlotte to Davidson. I had found myself in a life that “just happened” because I was not living my life fully and with INTENTION. Can you identify with this? Are you just living and not LIVING?!

2019 was a year of saying “NO”. I looked at the parts of my life where I was unhappy and said “NO!” No, I will not continue to make choices that do not support the life I want, the life I dream of.

Yesterday I was interviewed by my fabulous student and now super friend, Dana Whitby for her podcast, Athena Rising. She drew a card for me from a deck and all the card said was “YES”- about 200 times! The message was CLEAR. I am to say “YES!” this year to those things that serve me. My life is getting better because I am LEAVING BEHIND the PAST and saying YES to the NOW! (Want to listen to the podcast?)

Join me this year, because I will no longer HOLD BACK! I will no longer HIDE! Please join me. Just say “YES!”

Sending you all my LOVE,

Rachel Hope