Last month I was contemplating the purpose of human suffering– and how to deal with it. I received 4 Principles for Dealing with Human Suffering to help with suffering (see below). Turns out I need these strategies sooner than later. My father-in-law passed away this morning from Pancreatic Cancer. I know my suffering is not physical, but it is emotional. From a Spirit-perspective, I know my father-in-law is in a better place. Mentally I’m glad he is not suffering anymore. But my heart aches. It aches for my husband, for my mother-in-law, for my children, for all the good memories, for all the future events to come (weddings, births, birthdays).

So as we go through the motions of the next few weeks- flying to Germany, attending the funeral, spending time with family- I will take my own advise and aim to follow the strategies of acceptance of his death and all that entails. I will be mindful to notice what arises within me from a mind, body, spirit, nature approach, and then give these feelings a name. Then I will name what I am grateful for, because Friends, there are so many blessings in my life. Lastly, I ask for your support as I heal, as I go through the highs and lows. I send you all my love and gratitude.


“There are FOUR basic principles for dealing with human suffering. :
1. Acceptance

Acceptance of the condition is elemental for the progression of growth of the soul. Come into acceptance of your condition so you may make peace with this element of yourself.

2. Awareness

Becoming aware of each “side” of suffering will help in understanding the complex manifestation of the condition. Become aware of the affects from a mind, body, spirit, nature perspective. This way you may gain a broader understanding of your condition.”

3. Indulgence

a. Take the time to soak in your suffering, to name your suffering, as a pronoun. Scream your suffering from the rooftops! You will SPEAK and give VOICE to your suffering. This is a vital part of relief!
b. Then NAME your gratitude. List that which you are grateful for, and let it fill your BEING.
You will be as a yo-yo, bouncing between the two ways of expression. And it is good!

4. Support

You will need to choose wisely the spirits that surround you. Choose nourishing friendships. As the gamete of expression comes out of you, you will need a strong WEB to catch you when you stumble. The same support will uplift you during your swift stride times. “