So many of my friends ask me if I can read their minds. The answer is no, I cannot read your mind! I always get a chuckle out of this question

I do, however, receive information at times which might seem like mind reading. I might get a particular feeling or message about something or even see a vision or color which is related to what my friend is going through in life. For instance, a good friend of mine kept choosing men in relationships who did not appreciate her. We were sitting together at a coffee shop discussing her love life when I suddenly got an overwhelming feeling that she would meet her husband this year. I told her what I had felt. She looked at me with doubt, as she had just had her heart badly broken by a man she truly loved. I believe that the spirits knew and understood her heartache so they gave me the information to deliver to her to give her comfort and hope. Within two months of our coffee date she met a wonderful new man and got married to him in less than a year!

Will I ever fall in love?

I cannot tell anyone if and when they will ever get married or fall in love. Again I am the messenger, the deliverer, nothing more. I like to think of myself as the kid in the middle of the classroom who is asked to pass a note between two schoolgirls. I am not the writer or the receiver of the messages, just the kid in the middle passing the notes. When a client asks about their love life, I can tell them what I hear or see, but I cannot decide what information will come through.

Can you see my future?

The honest truth is that I personally cannot see into the future. I cannot make any accurate predictions on my own. I really do not have any special insight for anyone. I wish I did! However, your Spirit guides do have access to these special insights. I simply am open to listening to them and relaying the message, if they choose to share that precious information.

Free will- It’s your choice!

Although much of our paths are laid out for us already, we do have choices to make along the way. We have the power to change our minds or go a different way at any given moment. One day I met with my mentor who is a very gifted healer and psychic medium. I was feeling overwhelmed because I was having a difficult time accepting my so-called “gifts” as gifts. The religious judgment that was engrained in my psyche since childhood kept telling me that I was a bad person for talking to dead people. Since my family still thinks that mediums are ‘sinners’ I felt very sad, frustrated, and lonely to not be accepted fully as I am by my family. My mother especially is one of the most important people in my life. She is the best mother anyone could ask for and has always been my biggest fan in life. I was with my mentor and was crying because of the pain I felt from feeling unloved by my mother for not accepting me with this gift. My mentor saw my severe grief and told me that I can choose to not have this gift. She told me that I simply tell the spirits that I do not want to have these gifts, and they will be taken away forever. She told me, “You always have a choice.” Just as I have a choice with my gifts, so do you have the ultimate choice with many decisions in your life.