This week has been a lesson in Being Led. As I reflect on my life, I realize that Spirit had a grand plan that I was mostly unaware of. For so long I lived my life like this: “What am I going to DO with my life? Should I study? Should I move? Should I take this job? Should I take that job? I’m worried about money. I’m worried about my relationship. Will I ever have children? Do I even want children? Maybe I’ll adopt another dog. I’m tired. Ugh!”
Do you know what happened? My life basically ended up the same no matter how much I thought about the details… no matter how much I worried.
The work I do now is clearly not in International Business- which is what I have my masters degree in. And working as an intuitive developed despite my tries to MAKE what I thought should happen happen in my life. I did take jobs that I should not. And stopped because I was miserable. Monetarily I was provided for right when I needed it most.
I did end up having children. My marriage is eternally needing work. And I secretly desire to adopt another dog. My point is that once I could quiet my mind and start to trust Spirit, my life seemed much easier.
Though I still struggle with worries, I live my life much more like this: Should I move? I don’t know. Let me ask Spirit. Spirit says “No.” Ok, awesome. Now I’m gonna go on a walk and enjoy it! I know Spirit will let me know what I need to do next, right when I need to do it. AND I ACCEPT THAT
I encourage you to try on trusting Spirit. You might just end up having a great day! (And getting exactly what you need anyway.)