Within the past month I have noticed so many angels all around! Truthfully, I have seen Angels* during sessions with clients, and I’ll occasionally see one near a person randomly. But this particular month it seems that Angels have been popping up all around.
Why am I seeing Angels everywhere?
I was in church and was praying diligently about something that was greatly worrying me. Instantly a host of Angels came all around me. They were swirling and were made of white light. Suddenly I felt calm and knew that everything would be OK.
Yesterday I was coming out of a shopping center and witnessed a tragic scene: A nicely dressed man in a suit was lying on the pavement. Another man was pumping his chest- HARD- administering CPR.
As I stood watching I felt a knot in my chest. Tears were cascading down my face. “What can I do?!” I thought, panicked. “Nothing.” Then I began to pray. I do not know what it is I prayed for that man, but suddenly I saw a force of Angels. They came all around him. They swirled- all around his body.
I did not know if the man died. I believed he did. I asked Spirit why the Angels appeared.
Spirit: The Angels were there to protect his Spirit and Soul- to bring him comfort and let him know that no matter what, he was OK.
You can call on Angels at anytime for help. If you start to really pay attention, I bet you’ll feel the brush of their wings.
*I capitalize Angels because every one I have ever seen is truly enormous!
I returned to the store where this man worked, and the manager confirmed that he passed away right there in the parking lot that day. I belive that I was there at the moment he passed. I believe that the Angels I saw helped bring him comfort and aided in his transition to the other side.