guidance from above, yes or no

Advice from Spirit: Should I move? Should I change careers? Check Yes or No.

Last night I asked Spirit to reveal to me through my dreams if my husband and I should buy a house we are considering buying. Specifically I wanted to know: Yes or No.
This morning I was surprised by the answer I received. I did have a dream that gave me my answer, but it was not the answer I expected. You see, I wanted a clear Yes or No, but Spirit saw that there was a deeper issue: a lesson to be learned. The dream revealed that I am allowing our decision to buy or not to be dictated by other people’s opinions. My dream made it clear that the answer already lies in my heart- and that my judgement is becoming muddy because I am not listening to the clear voice from within.
If you have had a session with me, you probably know that I allow Yes or No questions toward the end of sessions. What Spirit answers, though, is frequently in a more complex form than expected. This leads to the question:
“What is stopping me from hearing the clear voice within? Is there a greater lesson to be learned that I should bring to my awareness?“
Are you wondering if you should move? Change careers? Date a certain person?
Take time to ask for guidance. You can ask for your answer to be revealed in many different forms: through dreams, visions, other people, nature, and many more. Then listen for the answer. Write down any information you think might be coming from the spirits. Remember it might not be the answer you expect!

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